EDMERICA will support you to discover the joy of an American education. On the U.S. campus you will master new skills, unlock your talents, build connections across cultures, and find your voice, the voice of a leader. Free group information services plus group and individual/one-on-one services for a fee are meant to cater to all needs and aspirations. Experience U.S. study to fulfill your potential and become a true citizen of the world. You can catch your star with EDMERICA by your side!.

EDMERICA welcomes everybody interested in U.S. study, undergraduate and graduate students, young professionals, post-doctoral fellows and researchers. With its savvy advisers and their U.S. university network , with its library of reference materials, American university books and handouts, EDMERICA is a landmark resource on U.S. higher education opportunities. EDMERICA provides accurate, unbiased information about all accredited U.S. higher education institutions and liaises with U.S. universities and their International Admissions Offices for any inquiries about Romanian higher education and Romanian applications.

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